Tennessee Destination Named The 'Best Waterfront Town' In The State

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There are millions of miles of rivers and streams cutting curving paths across America, and many towns have found a home alongside the rushing waters, offering plenty of chances to enjoy exciting outdoor activities on the water or to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the surrounding nature.

Southern Living searched around the South for stunning locales nestled along flowing rivers, compiled a list of the best waterfront town in every Southern state that "not only have great recreation and scenic waterside spots, they're also welcoming communities with local restaurants (for filling up on local catch), boutiques (for souvenirs from your trip), and inns (for turning in after a day spent enjoying the water)."

According to the site, the best waterfront town in all of Tennessee is Gatlinburg, a popular tourist destination in the gorgeous Smoky Mountains that also has plenty of water activities to keep you entertained thanks to the Little Pigeon River. Here's what the site had to say:

"Tennessee's favorite resort town is also its favorite waterfront town. Located along the Pigeon River, Gatlinburg has plenty of attractions for families to enjoy. Several whitewater rafting companies take trips along the river, and the indoor Wild Bear Falls Water Park also invites families to have fun in the splash zone."

Check out the full list at Southern Living to see more of the best waterfront towns in the South.

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