This is the section where I am supposed to write something creative and witty.  Here goes-

I'm ditch.  A radio gypsy with stints in Colorado Springs, Denver, OKC, Seattle, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Atlanta, Portland and my current resting place, Memphis. 

My radio tour of duty has been full of great experiences. One thing I've learned from them all- people love their home town radio stations.  With so many other way to hear music and talk, local radio is still where it's at.  After 25 plus years, on rock, classic rock, country, top 40 and sports talk, I've been lucky to meet so many cool people. 

Gene Simmons is probably the most memorable. Working with him briefly on a couple of episodes of Family Jewels, I found other opportunities. One of which was developing a show, eventually airing on Discovery Channel, called The Devils Ride. 

One of the most nerve racking moments on the air was the day Axl Rose called me.  I was given about ten minutes notice and was told, when he calls, go straight to air.  Def Leppard was playing and the hotline light in the studio started flashing. I answered the phone and it was Axl.  I faded Def Leppard out and took his call live. The first thing he said was "thats a great song man". He hadn't done much press in the last ten years and there was TONS to talk about.  A true sign of a pro, is an interviewee who can make the interviewer comfortable.   Axl Rose made me feel like I was talking with a high school buddy about rock n roll. It was really cool.  

I've had some very interesting interviews over the years and like to re-play bits and pieces of them occasionally. Connecting through social media is certainly an awesome way to reach out, but I still prefer the original social media, before it doubled as a camera, talking with you on the telephone!  

Thanks for taking a few minutes to stop your day and look into my day. 



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